About Me

I love to bring my client's vision alive on the web. I use JavaScript, HTML & CSS to build customized responsive websites or web applications that meet their unique demands or requirements. Whether you are looking to build the first website for your business or take your existing website to the next level, let me use my expertise to help.

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Below is a sample of apps I've created.

Screenshot of the Survivor app profile page


What was Used: React, Node.js, Express, SQL, Heroku

Full stack application to update and display results of a player pool for the Survivor TV show. Development still in progress, email me for the test credentials.

Skills Learned: SQL, React and Node.js communication with a database

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Screenshot of the readlist homepage

Reading List

What was Used: React, Typescript, HTML, CSS

Keep track of the favourite books you've read and the books you want to read next. Frontend application using React and Typescript

Skills Learned: Splitting project into components

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Screenshot of the movie finder app

Movie Finder and Recommendation

What was Used: Axios, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

App allows you to search info for a movie and returns three random recommendations based on a random genre of the searched for movie. The app uses the OMDB and TMDB API's to return results.

Skills Learned: Working with APIs

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Screenshot of the hangman game


What was Used: JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Play the classic Hangman game, can you guess the solution before your character hangs?

Skills Learned: Using Javascript logic to show correct guess and character body parts on wrong guesses

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Screenshot of application to progress of Zwift course completion

Zwift Completion Tracker

What was Used: JavaScript, LocalStorage, HTML, CSS

App was designed for tracking of course completion within the Zwift training platform. Javascript is used to interact with the DOM and local storage for retaining progress.

Skills Learned: Persisting data using local storage

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Below is a sample of websites I've created.

Scout Canning

Platform: Shopify

After unsuccessfully working with several developers, the team at Scout contacted me to launch their Shopify store. With a fast approaching launch date and a half built website, I worked with their design team to launch their first online shop through Shopify.

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Knowledge Translation Hub

Platform: Wix

Dr. Khalid approached me looking for help launching a website for his new business. The goal was to create a site that clients could easily and quickly navigate the information they are looking for.

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jillian Halladay

Platform: Wordpress

Jillian contacted me to help her create an academic focused personal website. We worked together to create a website that shows off her personal brand, looks professional and highlights her academic research.

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Laurie Wallace-Lynch

Platform: Wordpress

Laurie came to me with her website that hadn't been updated in years. Working through her website we were able to simplify the layout and make it easier to navigate showing off her highlights as a travel writer.

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